About Us

Welcome to our Web radio, Radio Siddhartha CR 90.8 MHz, first community radio in Tumkur District, 70 km away from Bangalore, Karnataka.

This is an initiative by Sri Siddhartha Education Society founded by Late Sri. H.M. Gangadharaiah, Gandhian. The main aim of our Radio is to bring educational and informational content for the community, specially marginalized society. Web radio is an audio service which is being transmitted via Internet. The language of the content is in kannada.

Our Web radio involves streaming media, presenting listeners with a continuous stream of audio that can be paused or replayed; in this respect, it is distinct from on-demand file serving.

Our web radio services are usually accessible from anywhere in the world.

Educating the Society

“Shikshana Bhishma”
Sri. H.M Gangadhariah Founder Secretary Sri Siddhartha Education Society

The year 1947 saw India win its freedom. The nation had to be rebuilt from ruins to achieve its former glory and regain its rightful place in International scenario. Education was acknowledged as main trust area. Late Sri H.M Gangadharaiah, a staunch Gandhian and Buddhist, decided to address this cause. He envisioned an educational establishment which will disperse the seeds of knowledge and build a more intelligent society.

Sri Siddhartha Education Society (S.S.E.S) was established in the year 1959 with the warm blessings of the father of Bhoodan movement, “Saint Vinobha Bhave” with the objective of providing education to the student community coming from rural areas and backward classes.

Today SSES is considered among Karnataka’s Premier educational establishments. Highly regarded for its excellent infrastructure and quality faculty, it is widely recognized among India’s academic circle. Led by Dr. G. Shivaprasad, a postgraduate and an eminent apthalmologist and Dr.G . Parameshwara, a Doctorate in Agriculture from Australia, SSES continues to march forward on the ideals set by their father, Late Sri Gangadharaiah. Their commitment to nation building remains the same.

SSES has 84 educational establishments under its aegis spread across the southern part of Karnataka. Institutions including Engineering College, Medical College, Dental College, College of Education, First grade College, TCH College, College of Nursing, Junior Colleges, Training Institutions. Sanskrit Schools, Pali Schools and Number of High Schools in several districts in Karnataka State. These educational Institutes Promote excellent training from primary schooling to professional course and also helps to preserve the ancient heritage of india. Its Silver Jubilee was celebrated in the year 1984 with the then Hon’ble President of India, Sri Giani Zail Singh as the Chief Guest.


Management Team
Dr. G. Shivaprasad M.B.B.S, D.O.MS, MS, F.O.CA Secretary Sri Siddhartha Education Society Dr. G. Parameshwara MSc.(Agric), Ph.D.(Australia),MISPP, MISTE Joint Secretary
Sri Siddhartha Education Society
Shivaji Ganeshan Program Co-ordinator
Radio Siddhartha CR 90.8 MHz